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GadGet Window7 ภาคสองว่าด้วยเกมส์

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 GadGet Window7

Created by: Jonathan_Abbott
 Clone of Atari's Asteroids

Created by:
 Simple Digital Led Watch.

Battlefield 2142 Summary
Created by:ljames28
 Displays details from your Battlefield 2142
Player Summary.

Created by: Designing_Webs

BF2 Online Clan Status
Created by: XODVNetmonster

Feed The Snake!
Created by: TylerRedmond

A one player game where the point is to direct the snake to the apple. For each apple you eat, you earn points and the snake grows longer. Don't run into your own tail or the walls and see how many points you can earn!

BF2 Summary
Created by:ljames28

Displays details and rank icon fom your Battlefield 2 Player stats at

Greeter Gadget
Created by: «Ambious»

Greets the logged-on user (it actually talks!)

Created by: msftjimroos

Get through your next meeting with Blackjack

Halo 2 Stats
Created by: LarcenIII70951

View your Halo2 Stats enumerated from With All 9 Sig options included plus you can customize your sig through the site. Provided By LarcenIII from

Blockade Windows 7 Gadget
Created by: TylerRedmond
 Manipulate the blocks with the aim of creating a horizontal line of blocks without gaps.

Hattrick Gadget
Created by: Nickasimir

With Hattrick Gadget for Windows Vista Windows 7 you can follow your Team status and Matches directly from your desktop!

Created by: msftjimroos

Enjoy a quick game of Bricks between meetings

Created by: bobbyhugges2

i invade your Windows 7.

Bubble Wrap
Created by:TeamBlackshirt

Pop some bubbles as a fun way to pass time, or annoy others. You can change the color of the bubble wrap to fit your desktop.

Created by: snazyursus

Displays random images from imagelooop as a SlideShow.

Call of Duty 2
Created by: TeamBlackshirt

Displays the number of players on the Call of Duty 2 server of your choice. Move your mouse over the gadget to reveal a 'Play' button. Click it to jump right into the action!

IP Config
Created by: VinodUnny

This gadget displays the current IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the selected network connection on your macine. Use it to quickly view the IP address you have without jumping through hoops 

Color Swatches
Created by: TeamBlackshirt

Color swatches with slowly changing color combinations. Copy the RGB values of pleasing color combinations to your clipboard to use in other applications.

Created by: domanite

Conway's Game of Life

ลองโหลดกันไปใช้เล่นนะครับ และสามารถเข้าไปดู 

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